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On account of numerous enchantment vitality frameworks or “exclusive requests” the part is persuaded that they will increase some kind of Spiritual progression and high position after their going, and also to employ all kind of amazing capacities in physical life.

Again it ought to be called attention to that we would all be able to increase such capacities by figuring out how to impact Energy adequately and mystically, yet those are not especially significant as far as Spiritual progression.

Individuals are persuaded to perform enchantment “spells” and “ceremonies” or to utilize precious stone, herbs and different materials in the conviction that all by themselves they have uncommon forces to realize a unique outcome.

Another impact on the very nearness of these gatherings and practices is that individuals who don’t partake in or rehearse them are frequently made to feel “mediocre” somehow.

So now let us investigate the truth of these elements:

There is just a single crucial Principle in the Universe – Mind.

Everything that we encounter is at last because of Mind alone.

It takes after along these lines that the main path in which to accomplish anything through Mind – everything else being subordinate to the Mind Principle which extends the enchantment vitality from inside in the external reality.

Expressing enchantment vitality spells, enchantment vitality performing customs, having a place with gatherings of different sorts won’t hence, all by themselves present any extraordinary powers or benefits on the member at all. No spell, custom or gathering including however not restricted to requests, schools or religions has any kind of preferred standpoint, need or exceptional place in the Universe of any sort.

Moreover there positively no alternate ways to Spiritual advancement – every single individual must develop construct completely upon their own endeavors in view of their particular needs and what their present incarnation of Higher Self needs to accomplish this time around.

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